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Региональная программа по борьбе с онкологическими заболеваниями в Еврейской автономной области

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Greetings, dear visitors, of our site!

My name is Alla Eduardovna Vinarskaya, I am the acting chief physician of the Oncological Dispensary of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

On our site you can get information about the work of the oncological dispensary, find out the time and place of special preventive actions, get acquainted with the technical capabilities of the medical institution, and you can read useful articles on the prevention of cancer.

Currently, the doctors of the oncological dispensary have several tasks: the first and most important is to restore health to people who have been diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm, and most importantly, restore hope for recovery. The second equally important task is to develop in people the so-called “cancer alertness”, due to the growing number of oncological diseases, the similarity of their symptoms with other diseases — we all must be very attentive to our health. Visit medical institutions not only for medical, but also for preventive purposes.

Remember! A positive effect of treatment is achieved by those who consult a doctor at an early stage of the disease! Jasa Backlink Terbaik

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At present, the staff of the Oncological Dispensary OGBUZ faces a big and at the same time difficult task of restoring health to people who have been diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm, but an even more difficult task is to restore hope for recovery to patients.

Specialized assistance to patients with oncological profile is provided in the conditions of the regional oncological dispensary Jasa PBN

The oncological dispensary has been functioning since 03/01/1994.

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